It's an app that runs on your smartphone
to amplify and enhance any sound around you.

Connect your favourite headphones

You can use any type of headphones. Wired or wireless.

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Take the audiometric test

Take a brief test to calculate your equal loudness countour

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Hear better with your custom equaliser

Any sound that is captured by your smartphone’s microphone is processed and amplified according to your needs

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How and where can I use Hear Me Well?

  • In crowded places such as bars and restaurants
  • In a theatre to enhance the actors voices
  • At home for watching the television
  • Use your favourite wired or wireless headphones
  • Apple Watch compatible to change values remotely
In crowded places such as bars and restaurantsIn a theatre to enhance the actors voicesAt home for watching the televisionUse your favourite wired or wireless headphonesApple Watch compatible to change values remotely

Get ready in 3 simple steps!

1. Connect your headphones
2. Perform the hearing test
3. Create your profile

User Friendly

No need to be a computer wizard to use it. It's clear and intuitive!

We take seriously your feedback

We really care about your needs. Get in touch with us and we try our best to adapt our app.

Minimal Interface

No complicated buttons or functions. There is just what you need.


No internet connection required to function. This means no unwanted broadcasts of what you are hearing.


Check what people say
About us!

Intro Video

The first Hear Me Well user

"Thanks to this app now I can stay in crowded places without being disoriented. Great."

September 2, 2017

"Great app, it works perfectly"

October 11, 2017

"Ideal for hearing impaired people, but also for people like me who are often in crowded places and needs support. Plus, considering the category of this app, its potentials and its price, it’s super competitive!"

August 15, 2017
Our pricing

No hidden charges.
Only 2.29€ / 1.99 US $ on the iTunes App Store.

Have your hearing enhancement for a small price.

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